System description


To fully understand the structure of the system, what could be better than a diagram.


As you can see, your theme will consist of a windowmain which is called in the system Application. It contains Various components and a framework in which all the elements of the system that are named as follows: Launcher, Updater, Loading and finally ConnectionLost.

Each element of the system has a function and a role that we will describea little lower. We will see later in the technical part of the doc how they are labeled and recognized by the system for thenBe filled in autonomously without you having to intervene.


The system is composed of several elements that play an important role in its operation. We find at the top of the pyramid, the element Application which is the parent of all other elements such as presented below:


-> Launcher

-> Updater

-> Loading

-> ConnectionLost


Application being the parent of all elements, it manages their The display and switches according to their role. It represents Besides, the main window of the theme.


Launcher is a sub-element of Application. This element is a catch-all, i.e. it contains absolutely everything and nothing likee.g. authentication forms, a numberPlugin interface and so on.


Updater is a sub-element of Application. It is this element that manages the installation of game files and that once have everything installed, gives way to the Launcher element. It may, however, be theoretically executed in the background without distinguishing itself from the otherselements in appearance via the element Launcher but it is not the Subject of this chapter. We will see this in detail later in the doc technical.


Loading is a sub-element of Application. This element is Optional and not very useful. It can therefore not be used by the system. It acts as a mediator between the elements of Application. He’s a loader.


ConnectionLost is a sub-element of Application. This element is also optional. It manages the display of a counter that is displayed and takes over other items only when the Internet connection is lost.