The prerequisites

Before we start, let’s see all the technologies that backThe system and that you will have to use to create your theme.


The system was created with JavaFX which is an interface frameworkJava user and which allows you to create a graphical interface with the Scene Builder tool via FXML-formatted files that we Let’s see a little later in this chapter.

You will have to master the basics of Java and if you are notNot comfortable with this programming language, take a mini-course foryou get acquainted.

Here is a mini-course written on one page:

You’re going to need the FXML doc that summarizes all the tags including You will have to use during the creation of your theme. Here is the link

You’re also going to need the CSS doc for JavaFX which is the Next

Here is the JavaFX documentation that will also be very useful for Java side development of your theme: link

You now have at your disposal all the references forTo be able to start the technical part of creating your theme.

IDE Choice

Now that you know under what language the system is developed, itNow is the time to choose an integrated development environment that fits.

We strongly advise you to use Intellij whois the IDE under which the system was developed.

If however you are a follower of Eclipse, nothing prevents you from use it.

You may know of other IDEs that ship extensionsdevelopment support such as Visual Studio. It’s up to you to Use it. But, know that it is important to have an IDE and not a Simple text editor to save time in the development ofyour theme, even if you will spend 3/4 of your time on SceneBuilder.


Gradle is a production engine that will allow you to compileyour theme and test it without the need to import it to the Platform every time you make a change to it.

Because of this, we have put at your disposal a gradle file (that we will see later in the chapter on putting into practice knowledge) in the sample to be able to do all this.

Assurez-vous donc d’avoir bien installé gradle sur votre ordi. Voici le lien pour l’installer si ce n’est pas fait.


Git is an indispensable versioning tool to be able to make a Some tasks with the control terminal that we will see aShortly later in practice with the sample. It is therefore necessary to Prerequisite install it via the following link


SceneBuilder is the famous GUI design tool for JavaFX. It will allow you to quickly build UIs without You need to code anything. This is the basis of the system and It’s this tool that’s going to save you time.

It is therefore essential to know how to use it properly. Here is the link to install it.

You also have a tutorial from Oracle to learn how to use it. That’s Can help you tremendously, here is the link.